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I don’t claim to be an expert on MLK or his philosophy. I do admire his “I Have a Dream” speech. Poetry and truth always flow well especially when delivered by a gifted orator. In the little research I have done on Martin, Obama was to a certain degree trying to be a TYPE of the leaders persona. Both men believe in the distribution of wealth for social betterment and often Obama tries to mimic Dr. King’s oration methods. The problem is that being President to white people and not just advocating for minority groups makes it difficult to adhere to a pure Dr. King ideology. Though I don’t think Dr. King would be as bigoted as some are in so-called “black leadership” today. I think Jesse, Al and a few others are dangerously off the Dr. King path. They promote superiority by touting a racial-centric cause and are as racist as Jim Crow. And I say that as a conservative white female who hates all people and not just some. Now that’s equality.
I’m not sure when Dr. King’s ideas became the Democratic party platform, but it was part of a movement in the 1960’s and the 2 married and had babies. To me it is difficult to reconcile the advocacy for human rights through pacifism all while demeaning the United States effort to rid the world of communism, the grand daddy of all oppression. Free our people, but do it nicely is not part of my genetic make up. Dr. King was very anti-war and more specifically anti Viet Nam war. Somewhat hypocritical to demand equality in the states and yet against US intervention to save a nation from Ho Chi Minh a brutal dictator. So the Viet Namese don’t deserve the same civil rights? MLK went so far as to say that the US was an “occupying” force in Viet Nam. Sound familiar? So many zombie hippies regurgitating stupid statements. But this does not define the Doctors work. He should be known and honored for his exceptional advocacy for ALL in this United States, the leader in freedom and equality.
Though Dr. King was stringently a socialist, I do admire his work as a civil rights leader. I don’t agree with all of his philosophies but does that mean we should throw out the baby with the bath water? Now that Obama has landed on the lap of Ronald Reagan am I to assume that he is now a conservative? I am pretty sure O is still a left leaning wingnut attempting to be an in the middle Democrat…with an appreciation of Ronald. Nothing more.
I find it arrogant and ego-centric to stake claim on any historical figure in America. I am an American and I can honor or despise who I want. If I want to honor Martin Luther and his work for civil rights, not just for “the negro” but for all Americans, then why can’t I? I did not know that lines were drawn around certain historical figures for conservative white people. Will I melt if I say the name Rosa Parks? As far as I can tell, Dr. King spoke about all Americans being free to seek their own determination and when Al tells me that I can’t do that, then that goes against what Dr. King taught, in my humble white opinion. Demanding that any white conservative refrain from honoring, quoting or invoking MLK’s teachings seems like an infringement on my civil rights. How does that taste Al? Freedom for some seems to stop at the door of their prejudice. Conservatives are innately racist, therefore should not kneel at the alter of equality. Bigotry rises again on the left. Could it be that we are all in favor of equality but differ in our deliverance?
I don’t speak for anyone but myself. I do get goosebumps and throat lumps when reading or listening to some of MLK’s speeches. I hope that is OK with you, Al.


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