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I like to have background noise when I shower and do other daily annoyances, so I decided to leave FOX on the idiot box while I do my daily putter. The Glenn Beck show came on and I couldn’t help but listen to what seemed to be a hyper-active alarmist who made me want to go buy a tent, generator and a 3 year supply of Diet Coke and escape into the wilderness somewhere. Truly, I was scared. I am not shy about my less than enthusiastic impression of Glenn, but let me explain why I think he is dangerous. Yes, I said and I meant, dangerous….I didn’t stammer. Now don’t go postal Beck peeps. I don’t think Glenn is dangerous in the sense of bombing DC or anything, but he is creating a culture of “let me do your thinking and researching for you.” I have spoken to more than one Beck FAN that has asked me the same question more than once as though it was a legitimate reason to follow Glenn religiously. Number 1 was that he has a bigger staff than me and can research things and pass them on to us, the uneducated and retarded viewer. Number 2 was that he was honest and forthcoming in what said research offered to me the ignorant viewer. I stipulate that my job is not to dig deep into the happenings in Washington and beyond, but I’ll be damned before I believe everything a buffoon on TV says, I don’t care if it’s the Easter Bunny speaking. Glenn offers himself as a renaissance man knowing everything from what our founding fathers were thinking, to what is REALLY going on in the Middle East. For the record, Glenn is no professor of life, politics or otherwise and excuse me if I choke while you invoke the Glenn Beck source as though you were quoting the Bible. The information you spew from his show is on its face one sided and yes, slanted. Could it be that he presents to us, the viewer, with the things that support HIS point of view like all the other talking trolls on TV? I encourage all you Beckies to use Google a little more often and stop telling me that he is a one stop shopping mall of knowledge called Glenn Britannica. This is where the danger lies. When you all stop doing your own “research” and forming your own “opinions” is where you lose me. I get the whole time restraints and resources beyond our capabilities act, but always remember ALL MEDIA TYPES LIE AND DISTORT. End. Of. Story. Now don’t be a democrat and don’t worship Glenn until he earns it or you will be another Kool-aid drinking fool like the Obamakins


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