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No need to look any further than this blog to know the true state of the union. I’ve never been one to blame the President for all or even MOST of the ailments in America, but so goes the state of the democratic party and I feel I must follow. So it’s time to blame. The economy was in down shift when Obama took office, but let me just reiterate for the sake of time that though he was not the cause of such a huge downturn, he certainly was NOT the answer for any up-swing either. An opportunity was missed. Instead of focusing on the economy and citizen pocketbook relief, the President chose to spend more and manufacture a worthless health care plan that has proven to cost the American insurance carrier more money and not less. Not only do the economic guru’s look at this massive bill, as in you owe me money type bill, with angst and jitters, the anti-corporation sentiment from this administration has put a strain on entrepreneurs taking business risks in fear of grand daddy government sucking their profits. I asked a friend who is an Obama supporter and a big tax proponent, to explain to me what they would do with a million dollar bonus that they had earned hypothetically at work. Yes, this was a trick question because the person inadvertently spent the entire 1 million dollar amount. Then I said well you need to give something back because around 400 thousand dollars of that money is going to the government. Now mind you, this person was adamant about this being money that THEY earned. But I then reminded him that about 40% is going to the government. You bought a big house, but now that house is only half paid for and your vacation and savings just went bye-bye. Yes, democrats talk a big game when it comes to offering their money to the government IF THEY HAD IT….but when that money is real, the tune changes. This person was perplexed and even pissed that almost half of their money was sucked up in governmental grab ass. I understand the need for governmental programs helping the peeps, but let’s not fool ourselves into thinking the bureaucrats are spending our tax dollars wisely. There is so much waste that the average American would throw-up if they knew the real deal. It’s best that we are in the dark or we would all demand medical marijuana in our daily arsenals of Obamacare.
Obama missed the boat this Presidential try and I am confident that America knows that his focus was stringently misplaced. Thanks for the health care, NOT, but we can’t afford the high cost of groceries at this point. How can Americans purchase government offered health care when they don’t even have a job? You people do realize this health care is not free and is extremely expensive too the consumer? This plan did nothing for our pocketbooks and even less for our health. Oh it gave the government an opportunity to demand we eat more veggies like little vegan cult members, but better health care, jobs? No. Obama care sucks health insurance ass.
I am not sure where I am going with this post other than to say that the state of the union sucks worse than it did the last time we heard how bad it sucked under Bush. Any economic recovery at this point is because of the American worker and citizen tenacity. Please do not credit yourself, Mr. President with ANY recovery whatsoever. I blame you for the BS and I do not credit you for any up-turn Mr. President mainly because your spending bill did nothing and your health care plan was a detriment not a stimulant. You blew the opportunity of a lifetime mainly because your rhetoric was contrary to actuality. Tax breaks for corps would have been jobs. Jobs offered by Americans not the American government and this bothered your hero complex and power hungry philosophy. I don’t want to hear how you plan on “creating jobs”. The government should NEVER create jobs. Americans should. Stop trying to control the world and step back and let us take care of it. You need to create a friendly environment for businesses to thrive. Regulate the bastards and step back and let us steer this ship. Keep the brain waves on vacation like a good little President and let us ride this 2 month tidal wave before you “start” campaigning. It’s best for all of us. Stop doing President stuff for the sake of economic upswing. Hawaii is calling….go for it! Take a vacay….bah bye. Thanks for flying with us. Grope ya later, dude!!
And if you don’t do something about the way you whistle every time you say the letter “S”…..I am going to call Oprah and tattle on you. STOP THE WHISTLE! I am heading the campaign. Meet ya back here for a full assessment of the boring as hell speech. Snore.


Comments on: "The Miserable State Of Our Union" (2)

  1. Go get ’em!

    Obama is one of the worst presidents we’ve ever had; he has surpassed Carter and is moving on to Wilson proportions.

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